Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana Head Ornament SB.1.9

Turkana Head Ornament SB.1.9 Head ornament Head ornament. Turkana. Kenya. No 50. X.A.16. Original list: “Turkana. Head ornament. Leather, beads, vegetable fiber. Boy, woman, warrior” Headband formed by several rows of red (for filling), yellow (for borders), black and white glass beads then punctuated three leather pendants cut into the shape of small round, flat spoons, the surfaces of which are entirely covered with flat glass beads or, at disc level, made up of concentric strings of small beads. The fastening system consists of leather, wire and a shoe lace. Jewelry of this type was worn high on the forehead by young Turkana men. See Andrew Fedders, Cynthia Salvadori. 1977: 70, 120. Category: Necklace Material: Glass beads. Leather parts. Vegetable lace. Location: Kenya Dimensions in Centimeters: Length: 170 Width: 6 Height: .7 Other dim .: Original list: W: 0.7 H: 6 L: 170

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