Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana Snuff Box SB.1.130

Turkana Snuff Box SB.1.130 Container Container Snuff box. Kenya. No 7. XIV.A.6. Original list: “Turkana. Snuff box. Leather, iron, cow horn. Man, elder, warrior” Long container made from a section of twisted animal horn, wrapped in leather and provided with a leather cap topped with ‘a socket decorated with wire. The cap is connected to its container by means of a metal chain and two metal rings. Base object. Containers of this type, commonly called “snuff box” were very often hunting trophies and prestigious objects which may contain snuff, but also other substances such as gunpowder, herbs or powders medicinal. Category: Snuff Material: Leather. Iron. Cow horn.  Location: Kenya Size in Centimeters: Length: 20 Width: 18 Height: 6 Other dim .: Measures taken with the chain and without the base Original list: W: 4H: 22L: 45

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