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Turkana Sandals SB.1.4.2

Turkana Sandals SB.1.4.2: Pair of sandals soles. Turkana. Kenya. No 13. X.A.10. Original list: “Turkana. Sandal. Hippo leather, buffalo leather. Man”. Thick, extremely rigid leather soles, with dark brown patina and cut out in the shape of palms, then provided with two openwork ears at the heel as well as with an iron handle and two studs at the front. Sandals are also, for the Turkana, an instrument of divination. “He was concentrating to throwing his self-made hide sandals into the air and eagerly studying the form in which they fell (…). This is a typical Turkana custom and no major decision is made without such divination. The people believe in one supreme God (Akuj) who is benevolent. Diviners of varying degrees, skilled in casting sandals, and medicine men endeavor to interpret his will. But any Turkana may consult his own sandals without having recourse to an intermediary between himself and Akuj “(J Adamson. 1967: 52). See Fedders; Salvadori. 1977: 124. Category (s) Sandal Material (s) Hippopotamus or buffalo leather. Iron fasteners. [Hippo or / and buffalo leather. Iron wire] Location (s) Kenya Centimeter Size (s) Length: 25 Width: 11 Height: 7 Other dim .: x 2

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