Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana Pendant SB.1.158

Turkana Pendant SB.1.158: Pendant  Pendant. Turkana. Tigania. Kenya. No 41. XIV.QA.2. Original list: “Tigania, Turkana. Pendant necklace. Leather, beads, cowrie shell, vegetable fiber, iron, aluminum. Woman, girl”. Leather pendant, rectangular, characterized by rows of flat, yellow and red glass beads. It is provided in the lower part with metal fringes with flat bells (iron, aluminum) then sewn, in the upper part, on a kind of bracelet garnished with small orange and green glass beads (some blue and white beads) also provided with a cowrie. Among the Turkana, pendants of this type are worn by women. Cowrie is also a fertility attribute (Fedders, Salvadori. 1977: 11).     Category (s) Necklace  Material (s) Cuir. Iron. Aluminum. Shell. Glass. Vegetable fiber [Leather, iron, aluminum, shell, glass, vegetable fiber]  Location (s) Kenya  Centimeter Size (s)  Length: 26  Width: 5  Height: 2

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