Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana Nose Ring SB.1.29

Turkana Nose Ring SB.1.29: Nose ring Nose jewel. Turkana. Suk. Kenya. No 57. XI.A.2. Original list: “Turkana. Nose ring. Aluminum. Man, elder” Large aluminum plate shaped like a leaf and fitted with a hook at the top for insertion into the nose. Ornaments of this type were mostly worn by men. “The nose plate is a favorite adornment in Pokot country” (Alastair Matheson. 1964: 31). See “Suk elder” portrait by J. Adamson (1967: 25). See “Turkana elder” by J. Adamson (1967: 40). Category: Ring Material: Aluminum Location: Kenya Dimensions in Centimeters: Length: 11.5 Width: 7.5 Height: .3 Other dim .: Full code list: W: 0.3 H: 11.5 L: 7.5

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