Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana Lip Plugs SB.1.74

Turkana Lip Plugs SB.1.74. Lip Plug Lot of three lip plugs. Turkana. Kenya. No 58. XII.A.10-12. Original list: “Turkana. Lip plug. Elephant ivory, aluminum, quartz. Man, woman”. Three labrets intended to be introduced into the lower lip. One in the shape of a cap is made of elephant ivory. Another, also in the form of a cork, is made of quartz. The last one finally consists of two ivory discs perforated by an aluminum rod (missing closure element on the rod). Category: Lip Plug Subject: Elephant ivory. Aluminum. Location: Kenya Dimensions in Centimeters: Length: 3.5 Width: 3.5 Height: 1 Other dim .: Full code list: H: 1 D: 3.5
  • Kenya
  • probable mixture of animal fat and d ‘clay
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