Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana Lip Plug SB.1.79

Turkana Lip Plug SB.1.79. Kenya. No 64. XII.A.20. Original list: “Turkana. Lip plug. Wood, elephant ivory. Man warrior”. Ivory Labret, circular in shape provided with a wooden stopper for its insertion and its maintenance in the lower lip. The wooden clasp is formed by a simple gripping rod to which is attached a section of vegetable seed in the form of a dome with stippled patterns. The ivory element is molded at the edge and then has a slightly pointed face, with a perforation in its center. Labrets of this type were worn by the Pokot and Turkana warriors. “Turkana lip plugs. The two lower teeth are removed, a wooden stopper is inserted in a hole below the lip to hold the lip plug. Others lip plugs are solid ivory, carved to fit” (Donovan. 2004: 101) Category: Lip Plug Material: Elephant ivory, wood. Location: Kenya Dimensions in Centimeters: Length: 7 Width: 5 Height: 3 Other dim .: Full code list: W: 3 H: 7 L: 5
  • Kenya
  • probable mixture of animal fat and d ‘clay
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