Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana fighting sticks SB.1.172

Turkana fighting sticks SB.1.172 Fighting sticks (4/4)  Combat sticks (4/4). Turkana. Kenya. No 30: X.A.15. Original list: “Turkana. Stick. Wood, aluminum. Man, warrior”. Set of four wooden combat sticks, more or less clear, cut in the shape of sticks. One of them has fine aluminum inlays. “The fighting sticks however are unique to the Turkana and the handsomest weapons of them all. Studded with designs in nails or bits of clipped wire, carved into curves of different degrees form wood of varying grains and shades” (Fedders, Salvadori. 1977: 65)  Category (s) stick / baguette

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