Porrentruy, Switzerland

Turkana Dress SB.1.128

Turkana Dress SB.1.128 Dress. Turkana. Kenya. No 23. XIV.A.2. Original list: “Turkana. Dress. Leather, iron. Woman” Goatskin dress, brown and red hair, open at the back and then adorned with iron pearls. The back of the dress has several flared leather bands, finely worked and sewn afterwards. “In back, is the heavy skirt tailored from goatskins and weighted down with metal beads. The flounce of pockets at the bottom is made from individuallu cured pieces of skin” A. Fedders, C. Salvaldori. 1977: 117-118. “Patient leatherwork is a useful pastime especially for women who, in zones untouched byr european civilization, are still dressed in skins”. Staff Of Consolata Fathers. Turkana: 13 Category: Dress Material: Hide. Glass Beads, Iron. Collar: Copper Location (s) Kenya Size in Centimeters: Length: 106 Width: 45 Other dim .: Original list: W: 45 H: 106

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