Porrentruy, Switzerland

Taveta Skirt SB.1.100

Taveta Skirt SB.1.100 Wrap skirt  Skirt. Tharaka? Taveta? Kenya. No 24. XII.VG.2. Leather loincloth with horizontal red and brown stripes; adorned with cowries and then with yellow, red, green and blue glass beads, of varying shapes and sizes. Cowries and pearls are arranged in horizontal lines across the room. Another row of pearls runs along the perimeter. This piece presents several traces of native repairs. Clothing of this type was most likely worn by women.  Category (s) Skirt  Material (s) Cuir. Cowries. Glass beads. [Leather. Cowrie shell. Glass beads]  Location (s) Kenya  Centimeter Size (s)  Length: 53  Width: 50  Height: 1

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