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Taita Snuff Box

Taita Snuff Box: SB.1.134 Snuff box Snuff box. Kenya. No7. XIV.BA.3. Original list: “Taita. Snuff Box. Leather, iron, cow horn. Man, elder, warrior”. Long and thin portable snuff box made from a section of slightly twisted animal horn, the ends of which are wrapped in two sewn leather elements. The cap, at the top, is connected to the envelope, at the bottom, by a long iron chain by means of two sewn tubular leather buckles. The object has a strong smell of dried tobacco leaf. Containers of this type, commonly called “snuff box” were very often hunting trophies and prestigious objects which may contain snuff, but also other substances such as gunpowder, herbs or powders medicinal. “The tocacco leaf (…) is processed for snuff by being dried, crushed, and mixed with fat (and sometimes natron). Implemant for snuff-taking include special nose clips and small containers for carrying the snuff. (… Such containers are worn as ornaments and are treasured possessions “(EC Burt. Seattle Art Museum. 1985: 25). Category: Snuff box Material: Leather. Iron. Cow horn.  Location: Kenya Size in Centimeters: Length: 50 Width: 17 Height: 3.5 Other dim .: Original list: W: 3.5 H: 17 L: 4 52

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